Southern Water Build Over Agreement Application Form

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By law, no one has the right to build or build public sewers nearby. If your proposed construction includes construction 3 metres from or above a public sewer, you should contact Southern Water for a building permit. Southern Water will let you know what you need to do to protect public sewers from damage to your construction work. In some circumstances, a superstructure may not be possible, although it is quite unusual. However, this information may be limited and a technical survey is recommended if you are considering modifying or completing their drainage system. Please note that changes to private drainage required planning permission. First, check to see if your new building is subject to the building code. If this is the case, you can use our building control protocol through your control inspector and you do not need to fill out this form. For more information, see our guidelines in Section A: In the southern water region, there are approximately 39,000 kilometres of public pipes, some of which have been laid within property boundaries. As sewer manager, Southern Water is responsible for the maintenance of these pipes. In order to comply with legislation relating to the management and diversion of public sewers, it is necessary that anyone wishing to develop land or expand their land be consulted with Southern Water to determine its requirements for the management of lateral effluents or sewers that may be affected by their construction proposals. If your extension/building project is not subject to the building code or if you are not in a protocol area, the instructions below will help you complete the building declaration application.

If your proposals meet the requirements of the self-certification authorization of over-construction, this will be provided by letter. See tables below. The maps identify the location and size of known public pipes and the water pipe in the locality of the land or property. Depth of drainage channels under each cover If you are likely to be carrying out construction work in the 3M of the line of a public channel, then it is very likely that a formal authorization from Southern Water Services will be required before work begins. Applications for construction in areas containing public sewers must be sent to the southern water authorities for consultation and approval. Southern Water Services generally requires that the owner of the property that is built or expanded be paid for a camera examination of the sewers to determine its condition, depth and exact position. A formal agreement called “building over agreement” must often be concluded and signed before Southern Water Services authorizes construction above or within 3 metres of their sewers. When public sewers are considered “minor,” the Building Control Partnership can generally deal with public channel issues without formal consultation with Southern Water Services. A small sewer with a diameter of less than 225 mm, less than 3.0 metres deep, meets the criteria of the “Public Sewer Construction” document If the proposals do not meet the self-certification points, a construction form can be downloaded on the following link: construction of a public (weak) or lateral sewer, I accept that this application is not authorized to build or build.