Traduci In Italiano Share Purchase Agreement

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4 (participate), participate, participate, participate, participate, participate, participate, share it to participate in qcu pains; I do not agree with you, I do not agree with you. 2 (participate), participate (in a), participate (qcs.): participate in so.s pleasures and concerns that participate in the pains and joys of qcu. 3 (to use, enjoy, etc.), share, share, share, share, have in common, have to use together, have: share an apartment with as well. Share an apartment with qcu. to divide, divide, divide, divide, distribute, divide parts of a cake among children, share a dessert among children; to share one`s own estate, to share the (own) inheritance. 5 (Br) (to share), divide, divide, share, share. 2 (to be received) a share of this percentage receive a portion. 1 participate, participate: to share with so. In sth. participate in qcs. with qcu.

3 (Econ) f. action, action m. (shares): oil shares. 1 (to give) share, share, share: he shared his snack with his companions shared the snack with his companions. 1 f., part f., part f. (in, from): its share in heritage; Taking the full share of the debt takes its entire share of the debt; in order to get its share in the criticism its share of criticism, gain its share of criticism. 2 (contribution) m.: the payment of the own share supports its contribution; its share in the company, its contribution to the company. . Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Other results: 36. Exactly: 36. Response time: 83 ms.