Compromise Agreements Solicitors

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Our lawyers can help you if necessary: a compromise agreement, now called a “settlement agreement”, is a legally binding negotiated agreement between you and your employer. It usually provides for severance pay by your employer, for which you agree not to assert rights before an employment court. There are many other terms that you will find in a compromise agreement and, due to its complete and definitive nature, you must bear that your interests are properly protected when negotiating the agreement. There is no turning back. The compromise agreement consists of a “complete and final” settlement of all claims against the employer or worker. It will indeed be a drop hands agreement in which both parties will get away with the certainty that there will be no further lawsuit against one of the parties, unless there is a violation of the terms of the compromise agreement itself. We are an experienced work team where all lawyers are specialists in labour law. We will advise you on all the effects of signing the transaction agreement and we will endeavor to ensure that you get an amount that represents the strength of your potential claims and a reference. Settlement agreements are legally binding documents. Dunn & Baker Solicitors can explain what its terms are, what it means, and whether you need to sign one. In consideration of an agreed financial amount, you agree to waive any claims you may have.

We can explain what your options are and if it`s the best result…. .