Contents Of Power Purchase Agreement

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Generators enter into PPAs either bilaterally with a corporate AA or with an electricity distributor who purchases the electricity produced (“Merchant APA”). The electricity distributor can continue to supply electricity to a particular consumer (transform the contract into a “corporate APA”) or choose to trade electricity on an electricity exchange. Many international groups already purchase shares of their electricity consumption through APO or have indicated their intention to do so more frequently (see They use PPAs to achieve stable and predictable electricity prices. VPAs are an effective way to reduce electricity price risk, especially for operators of installations with high investment costs and low operating costs (such as photovoltaic and wind installations). Since payment for electricity is already assured to some extent, facility managers and finance banks may be more confident that the revenues from the sale of electricity will actually cover the investment costs. This makes the project more profitable in the long run. Pacificorp Power Purchase Agreement (AAE) for Large Power Plants (pdf) – Draft power purchase agreement developed by Pacificorp for power plants with a net capacity greater than 1000 kilowatts – relatively short agreement. Designed in the context of the U.S.

regulatory structure. Examples of this type of AA are listed below. Survey AAs have been divided into those that are more relevant for smaller, rural energy projects and more complex AOPs, which are relevant for larger projects in developing countries. .