Illinois Dept Of Revenue Installment Agreement

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You can only benefit from it if you submit your application correctly and in full. This increases your chances that your petition will be approved without instructions and penalties being imposed. At the Tax Group Center, we are familiar with the tax payment plan used by Illinois taxpayers to pay off tax debts over time. We will work hard to help you get started to pay off your tax debts. If necessary, we can help you file all late tax returns in order to qualify for a tax rate agreement in Illinois. We can also look at all other options for public tax relief. Feel free to call us today to move the process forward. Yes, it is possible to set up a instalment payment plan with the Illinois Department of Revenue if you are in a tax arrears. The big condition you need to know is that with the filing of all your tax returns, you need to be up to date before you can use this option. The Consolidated Revenue Fund may also review your financial statement. If you can pay the tax debt directly or guarantee a loan with a financial institution to cover the full amount of the debt, IDOR may refuse your application.

You should thoroughly research these options before applying. IDOR may also refuse your request if it finds that you are not trustworthy to make payments in a instalment payment agreement. If this is the case, they can approve a payment agreement in instalments, but they will bet on your property tax pledges. Yes, the Illinois Department of Revenue allows those who cannot pay tax debts due to financial hardship to pay installments. The standard duration of a tax payment plan in Illinois is 12 months. It is possible, in some cases, to extend a plan to 24 months. Conditions such as the length of your payment plan and monthly amounts vary depending on your financial capacity. Even if IDOR finds that you are trustworthy to make payments in a instalment payment contract and to approve your request, it reserves the right to cancel tax pledge rights at any time and for any reason.

If your application documents raise inconsistencies, they may ask you for more information or reject the application. With an IL tax rate payment plan, interest, penalties and fees continue to be collected. As a result, the sooner taxpayers repay their tax debt to the state, the less interest and penalties there are. In addition, the DOR may at any time file a tax deposit fee. Illinois refers to instalment payment agreements or tax payment plans as “instalment payment plans”. A instalment payment plan is an agreement where the taxpayer has entered into an agreement with the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR) to make scheduled monthly payments until the taxpayer pays their taxes. A person looking for a payment plan must complete and file the financial return and other information for individuals (Form CE-13-I). .