Scotia Master Agreement

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HALIFAX — Doctors in Nova Scotia have approved two four-year employment contracts with the province where family doctors, anesthesiologists and emergency physicians receive the highest salary in Atlantic Canada. Our current collective agreements expire on October 31, 2020 and health care has begun negotiations. Please check your collective agreement and read the news of updates to the bargaining process. Doctors Nova Scotia President Dr. Gary Ernest issued a statement Wednesday in which he said the agreements will provide “more competitive” compensation and help the province retain and recruit doctors. A collective agreement is a negotiated contract between union members and their employer. CUPE 8920 members vote on whether they accept collective agreements that open up wages and working conditions. But dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan, a family physician from Nova Scotia, wonders if the province`s significant investments are sustainable.

She said the extra millions would likely better compensate doctors and better manage patients who are already in the system. But she said there was nothing in the agreements that guaranteed better access to the thousands of Nova Scotians on waiting lists for a family doctor or specialist. There is also no recruitment plan for doctors and specialists. The agreements give doctors an 8 percent raise over four years — a 2 percent annual salary increase. The other two key elements of the proposed agreement strengthen funding for the Fee for Service model and more money for specialists. These investments are integrated into targeted investments of $US 42 million in the framework contract and $US 13.5 million in repair funding in the clinical/academic financing plan agreement (C/AFP). More than 3,100 physicians will be affected by the agreements, according to Nova Scotia doctors. The overall contract includes two agreements: one that replaces the 2015 framework contract and the other, which replaces the 2015 clinical and academic funding agreement.

Nova Scotia doctors were expected to ratify a lucrative four-year contract agreement with the province on Monday night that promises to make Nova Scotia doctors and other specialists in the province the highest paid in Atlantic Canada. Doctors will be able to vote on provisional agreements between November.