Serenity Agreement Meaning

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While no group of people has formally or deliberately accepted a collective social contract – although it may flow from various subordinate social contracts, many of which are conscious agreements – it is still based on a certain balance of power in which all members of the collective now participate. Consider, for example, the rapid historical dissolution and restructuring of collective expectations regarding rules, customs and laws that arose as a result of conquest (such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia conquered and absorbed by the Soviet Union in 1939), military defeat and occupation (such as Hitler`s National Socialist Germany, totalitarian) or revolution (such as the French and Russian revolutions). or the Cambodian Social Revolution of the Khmer Rouge 1974-1978). Peace can be a dichotomy (it exists or not) or continuous, passive or active, empirical or abstract, descriptive or normative or positive or negative. A direct social contract is a specific agreement between certain parties. There are or imply names, data, places and certain expectations. Contracts are normally considered as such, such as a construction contract between two companies or a trade agreement between three states. However, direct contracts may overlap or be linked to each other by the different parties, thus forming a system of contracts. And these systems themselves can overlap and depend on each other.

These multiple contracts and systems of direct, related and related contracts will give rise to more general expectations, such as abstract rules, norms or privileges at the level of the social system itself. No one will have accepted these expectations per se, nor is they tied to a particular interest, but they nevertheless involve a social (although indirect) contract that covers the social system. The prices of goods on a free market include such an indirect social contract resulting from the various direct contracts between buyers and sellers26 I will present in point 2.3.3 some of the most important forms that can be accepted by direct contracts; In the following paragraphs, I will describe several direct and indirect contract orders. If we choose to accept satisfaction, it does not mean that our lives will be simple, that all our prayers will be answered, or that we will get everything we want. Instead, it means that even if life is hard, even if our prayers go unanswered, even if we don`t have everything we want, we will still have our serenity. I went to the countryside, and the tenderness of the children gave me a little serenity and tranquility. C. Abstract concept. While empirical phenomena are also related, an abstract notion of peace is not directly observable. On the contrary, it usually refers to a set of empirical attributes or qualities or is reflected in behaviors.

Examples are terms such as status, power, or ideology, which are detached from certain instances or events or specific empirical characteristics. Abstract concepts provide a general and theoretical understanding of social reality, while empirical concepts are generally reasonable descriptions of immediate perception.48 For general use, peace as a social contract would be an abstract concept, although some social contracts can be quite concrete and therefore empirical. . . .