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Over 40 years of diving, and I'm still excited to see new places and new things!

About me:

I have been a padi scuba instructor for 25 years and an underwater photographer for nearly 35, still actively teaching and still loving to share the glorious underwater world with others! I live in the florida keys and have been blessed to enjoy the sights here and in many other places around the world.
Easter weekend 2014 I returned from a month long trip to the Philippines and Indonesia. I visited Tubbataha national marine park and Puerta Galera in the Philippines, and I did a trip aboard the Komodo Dancer in Indonesia. June of 2015 I revisited Komodo, Indonesia and then went to the Lembeh Straight in the same country. Those two new posting are under Komodo2 and Lembeh. October of 2015 I visited the Solomon Islands, and in Nov. of 2015 I visited the Maldives. I went in March 2016 to Egypt to dive in the Red Sea, and then in April I went to Indonesia to dive in Cenderwasi Bay, Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado, and the Derawan Island area(which includes Sangalaki, Kakaban, and Maratua Islands).I spent the month of Nov.2016 on two trips in Indonesia. The first trip was from Ambon to Sorong with a gallery named Ambon, and the second trip from Makassar to Wakatobi with the gallery titled Wakatobi. In June of 2017 I traveled to Palau, Micronesia and to Fakarava, French Polynesia. In April and May 2018 I returned to Indonesia doing a trip through the Forgotten Islands in southeast Indonesia then on to Lembeh 2018 and then aboard the Ambai touring North Sulawesi 2018, so please check out those photos as well! To navigate the site please click on the location above the slider pictures. This will send you to a category where if you click on the feature thumbnail photo, it will open up a gallery of pictures for you to view. Click on the first picture of the gallery and it will enlarge to full screen. You can then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery and the escape key to return to thumbnail size. Some locations have 2 galleries so you must click on the first thumbnail of the second gallery to access these photos for full screen viewing. Enjoy!

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Want to take a PADI dive course, or would you like to purchase a print or photo product with one of my images, then please contact me at 305 664-1273 or email me at trwags@bellsouth.net. Photos can be printed on high quality photo paper or on aluminum, and this site has only a sample of what is available in my library of photos. If you see a creature you like (Nemo, whale sharks, sharks, turtles, angelfish, etc.), contact me to see what is available. Please copy my email address and paste it rather than use the email block on this page as I haven’t been able to get it to work.

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Phone 305 664 1273

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North Sulawesi 2018

2018 trip aboard ambai in north sulawesi

2018 Lembeh Strait

2018 trip to Lembeh Strait

Forgotten Islands, Indonesia

spring 2018 trip to forgotten islands

Fakarava, French Polynesia

June 2017 trip to Fakarava


June 2017 trip to Palau


Nov 2016 trip from Makassar to Selayar to Wakatobi


Nov 2016 trip from Ambon to Nusa Laut to Banda Islands to Koon to Raja Ampat to...


April 2016 trip to Derawan


April 2016 trip to Manado